Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

In September of 2017 both of my grandparents had passed away.

I wanted to create something to help my grandmother's name live on. Linda's Garden was born and plants were started for the next sales season. During this time, I was pregnant and our little Addison decided that she would come early. During a two week hospital stay, our plants had died. Instead of letting this get us down, we started looking at livestock and helping critical breeds make it back ! With the demands of a premie newborn, I also had to give up my 9 year military career with the Tennessee Army National Guard. We found our fit that kept me home more and helped others with Buchanan's Barnyard.

Changing direction

We had a few clients with our Landscaping business, but we also had a nice little flock of chickens. When someone came to us with a homeless pig, we couldn't say no. We fell in love with her and whenever there was a need for another homeless piggy, we took them in. The demand increased and more piggies arrived. All needed love and attention and soon found homes after some training! We rescue while using the funds from our critical breeds of poultry to help fund our rescue. We are in the process of building a larger fenced in area, attaining our 501c3 status and doing our part to help #savethepiggies.

We recently received a call for two guinea pigs. While this is not our normal rescue we do not have the heart to say no. If you know of a farm animal/ livestock in need, please let us know. 

Check us out in the 2017-2018 Livestock Conservancy Annual Report!

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See how you can help Livestock conservation efforts

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See how you can help #savethepiggies through the American Mini Pig Association

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About the Owners- CEO's

Cameron and Marissa Buchanan reside in Riceville, Tennessee with their two daughters (Aubrey and Addison), their family mini-pig (porkchop), and about 60 chickens. Both were raised on farms and are hoping to teach their kids and surrounding community about the rewarding experiences with homesteading. They also love to #Savethepiggies and hang out with their kids and their flock. 

About our COO

Brittany Graves is a wife and mother. She owns a pet care facility called 3 B's Pet Care & Boutique in Cleveland, TN. She is currently Mrs. Tennessee USS America 2018 and a graduate of Cleveland State Community College with an Associates degree in Business Management.She is a board member of the 4 Paws Pantry TN. Brittany was also just recently crowned Mrs. Tennessee Agrictulture USA 2019. Being a piggy parent, her baby Calypso is training through the AMPA Therapy Pig program. Calypso will accompany her to Children's hospitals and Nursing homes. 

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Our Address:

190 County Road 80

Riceville, TN 37370

(423) 836-4138

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